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High quality vehicle customization done with Alberta Pride.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Had my truck go in to get the fenders, bumper and rockers linexed in high gloss color match. These guys matched the colour match so good you got to look twice to notice it's even there. They even buffed my whole truck to show room condition it looks brand new. Touched up all the chips. Brad and the team are top notch guys and the customer service is second to none. Super easy to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone that's looking for good buff on their car to getting their vehicle linexed/ rock guarded i defiantly will be back. Thanks again guys

Zach Lullwitz

Body-Liner NOT Bed-Liner

The difference is huge


We have taken bed-liner and changed the game! Whats Different? Our body-liner has no pores so it washes easy and doesn't hold in mud & salt, its hydrophobic so its the easiest washing liner available! It has the highest UV & Petro-Chemical resistance available so it will not fade like cheaper liners, adjustable hardness from as rubbery as a tire (to deflect rocks) to as hard as a puck (for deck tops), Adjustable gloss levels from Ultra High Gloss to Matte, its the right color all the way down to the truck, our white will NEVER yellow, custom color match for every vehicle so the match is deadly, We can match ANY color including tri-coats, pearls and metallics. 

Custom Design

Badging, Lines and designs of any kind can be achieved with our product. Protection With Style

Tricky pearl coat matches are no problem from us. We custom match every vehicle that comes into the shop to ensure a perfect match. We laid color matched high gloss textured bod-liner on the Rockers up to mid door-line, grill, whole tailgate, bumpers, on & under the flares as well as a hood strip. We put high gloss black liner on the running boards.

We do it the proper way and remove the bumpers and grill from the truck, they get sprayed completely disassembled, re assembled and reinstalled.

Smooth Body-Liner

The protection of body-liner with the look of paint

High Gloss, Smooth, Color matched to Perfection

Want protection but dont want textured body-liner? We have the solution. Smooth Body-liner! Stronger then any paint protection film or paint this is the option to go with for sleek protection

We laid high gloss color matched smooth body-liner on the rear bumper, rockers, inside of door jambs & backs of doors on this Blue Beauty. 

So Smooth

We have worked hard to perfect or formula to be as smooth as possible, match the hardest to match colors, and look almost like paint as you see here on what use to be a chrome bumper.

Perfect match & Gloss

You have to get close to really appreciate how invisible this protection is

Full Protection

This whole tailgate is body-liner ! Our high gloss smooth on the ruby red above and below the tailgate badge, which is coated in our highest gloss Show-Liner. Black chrome inserts in the Super Duty stamp to make it pop.